How To Win The Job You Want When You’ve Lost The Job You Need with Fawn Germer

Fawn Germer is a badass adventurer who loves humanity and is loved back by
many job seekers, friends, and family. She lives one hell of a life blazing
trails where no one has gone before. A passionate swimmer, cyclist, and
kayaker. She loves dogs and cats. She wrote books and spoke all over the
world, inspiring millions of people to take risks, put their self-esteem
issues in check, and dare to go for broke. Fawn’s newest book Coming Back
is a practical guide for renewing or resuming your career.

ZipRecruiter vs Monster

ZipRecruiter and Monster represent two of the largest job search sites on
the internet. Both companies have one central goal — help find people jobs.
While both sites are helpful to job seekers and offer many of the same
features, ZipRecruiter and Monster are two very different job sites. Keep
reading to learn about both sites, how they compare for employers and job
seekers, and how to use both to navigate your job search.

How To Write A Help Wanted Ad

A well-crafted help wanted ad could be the difference between attracting
the top talent and watching the best candidates land jobs with other
companies. Gone are the days of placing an ad in the local newspaper or
placing a sign on your business’s front door. It’s more crucial than ever
to use marketing tools like a job ad to attract job seekers.

Keep reading to learn how to write a compelling help wanted ad, what to
include, and how to distribute your ad to attract the right people.